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AgileField is committed to enabling our channel partners to easily and profitably address the needs of their clients.

Partners are a valued part of the growth and success of every mobile workforce and field service company, and that includes us here at AgileField. We’ve put together a comprehensive Partners Program designed to make the most of these relationships and expand the capabilities of today’s best technology professionals with FSM’s leading software platform.

What that means for you is an additional channel for success where you can generate sustainable revenues while providing your valuable expertise alongside our field service technology platform. Choose from one of three partner options that best fit your business, customers, and margins.

Preferred Partners
  • No annual partnership fees or training costs.
  • Earn up to a 40% margin on license sales and renewals.
  • Dedicated support team, comprehensive on-boarding, training, and collaborative marketing activities.
Standard Partners
  • No annual partnership fees or training costs.
  • Earn up to a 20% margin on license sales and renewals.
  • Comprehensive online support and success enablement program.

Referral Partners
  • No annual partnership fees or commitment required.
  • Earn up to a 10% margin on license sales and renewals.
  • Online support access and training programs.

We reward every Partner for their hard work and ensure that you’ve got the tools and training you need for success. Together, we’ll maximize the potential of every relationship and every new lead.

Turn every customer into a recurring revenue opportunity by becoming a Partner.

For more information on system integrations please visit our integration page.

A word from some of our valued partners...

“We're excited to partner with AgileField as they expand their integration strategy into new markets, showing great potential.”
Mark Geene
CEO at Cloud Elements
“The working relationship we have with the team at AgileField works incredibly well and look forward to taking it further.”
Nicholas Kyriazis
Managing Partner at SyncSite, Inc.
“AgileField compliments our core products well, and we enjoy our relationship.”

Ron Fisher
CEO at Profiling Solutions