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Welcome to the New AgileField

Field Service Management for the Mid-Market Means Agile Is in Our Name and Our DNA

We just wanted to take a moment and welcome you to the new AgileField. Our story began in 2011, but we’ve taken on a new name to coincide with our new focus and commitment to delivering high-quality field service management tools for our customers.

AgileField is here to provide the software and support that mid-market field service companies need, but are often priced out of when it comes to major companies. We don’t want you anyone to be forced to get a small solution and then spend way too much to customize it either.

So, we’re here to give you a hand with technology, processes, reporting, system and business controls, and plenty of learning materials to help improve operations and financial performance. This blog will be one of those education tools we provide. We’ll also share consistent updates about the industry.

Plus, this is a perfect place for us to answer your questions. So, we’ll always welcome responses and comments. Our goal is to deliver the best customer service you’ve had. That means giving you honest answers to the big challenges you’re facing, while also showing you some of the amazing things going on in our industry.

So, we invite you to take a little bit of time to learn more about us and our flagship mobile application: AgileFSM™.

New Vision, Leaders, And Commitment to You

Part of our efforts to create a more agile field service management company and define a new methodology that works with today’s software and business needs included some new faces in our leadership. We’ve proudly welcomed Scott Hines as our CEO and Jeff Gregorec as our EVP Strategic Alliances.

Scott comes to us with a variety of successful CEO positions under his belt and high-quality leadership proven as the Chief Technology Officer of JDA Software. His commitment is in creating a vision that allows us to meet the new demands of the market with a reliable business platform that delivers business intelligence and operational efficiency to you, our customers.

Jeff is a master at building and growing channels, and we look forward to his work spreading the adoption of AgileFSM to boost customers, resellers, and the number of vendors, partners, and software systems that we integrate with easily.

“With our AgileField methodology, mid-market field service organizations will now have access to the same technology and benefits enjoyed by the largest field service companies, at a lower cost,” said CEO Scott Hines.

Here’s How You Get Started

Now the important part: What does that mean to you?

The bottom line is that we’ve updated ourselves and our capabilities to better serve mid-market companies just like you. The software is more intuitive and simpler to use, especially on-the-go, but it’s also more powerful and can deliver actionable business intelligence that you can use for daily operations as well as forecasting and complex analysis to better understand your place in the market.

Thanks for checking out this blog; be sure to keep looking around. Here are a few places we think you’d like on our site:

  • AgileFSM Capabilities: Learn about what we offer from inventory and workforce management to scheduling, dispatch, and work order controls.
  • Our Many Partners: Check out both flavors of partners we have – the companies and platforms our system integrates with as well as our channel partners who rely on AgileField as a consistent revenue stream.
  • The Free Demo Page: In the world of cloud-based software,seeing is believing. Use this page to set up a time for a live demo so we can answer your questions and demonstrate the power of AgileFSM.
  • Your Free Assessment: One thing we know mid-market teams need is a hand understanding where to go next. We just made sure that helping hand is free.

We look forward to serving you!

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