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Field Service Management Software Pioneer, MobileLogix, Changes Name to AgileField Inc., Introduces Comprehensive Methodology Focused on Mid-Market Field Service Companies

AgileField methodology combines easy-to use mobile application with processes, reports, and learning materials to accelerate implementation and value creation

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (November 8, 2017) – AgileField Inc., formerly MobileLogix Inc., today officially announced it name change consistent with its commitment as a leading provider of field service management (FSM) solutions for the mid-market. This announcement follows significant developments earlier this year to support a renewed focus on the mid-market, including executive changes, new capital infusions and a channel-first strategy. Field service organizations will benefit with a new approach which helps them compete and grow profitably. According to Statistics MRC, the market for solutions that enable field service organizations is expected to reach $9.01 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 11.4 percent.

Following its namesake, AgileField™ is the “first of its kind” methodology and departs from the competition by offering more than software technology, with an integrated set of technology, process, reports, and learning materials which together can serve as a step-by- step guide to improving operational and financial performance. With a focus on the mid-market, the AgileField methodology also combines the company’s AgileFSM™ flagship application with unique processes for integration and implementation to accelerate value creation.

“We took a careful look at our industry over the last several months and made important decisions and investments focused on providing more support for our customers and partners,” said AgileField CEO, Scott Hines. “Many mid-market companies simply do not have access to the resources necessary to install, learn and use the technologies so important to continued growth and profitability. With our AgileField methodology, mid–market field service organizations will now have access to the same technology and benefits enjoyed by the largest field service companies, at a lower cost.”

AgileFSM is a complete end-to-end field service management software application designed for the mid-market with core capabilities, including:

  • Scheduling & Dispatch
    • Technology for faster, more accurate scheduling, which minimizes travel distance, and improves first-time fix rates.
  • Mobile Workforce Management
    • Technology for improved field processes and technician productivity with real-time information available on an easy-to-use mobile application.
  • Inventory Management
    • Technology for managing inventory between distribution centers, warehouses, and vehicle stock for reduced inventory costs and accurate inventory forecasts.
  • Work Order Management
    • Technology for streamlining processes, visibility and accuracy across existing client ERP, CRM, and accounting systems.
  • Customer Communication
    • Technology for improved customer experiences and communications, with automatic notifications, increased visibility, and proof of work.

AgileFSM is a cloud-based SaaS application which is coupled with AgileField IntegrationHub™ for simplified integrations, and AgileField RapidStart™ for accelerated implementations.

New Leadership

The transition to launching the AgileField company name and methodology followed a carefully planned series of steps by the Board of Directors that included the hiring of Scott Hines as CEO, Jeff Gregorec as EVP Strategic Alliances, and a capital raise lead by Canal Partners, LLC, a leading SaaS technology venture capital firm. As CEO, Scott Hines leads the AgileField Inc. team, bringing a proven ability to grow businesses from startup to market dominance. Prior to joining AgileField Inc., he held numerous successful CEO assignments and served as chief technology officer for JDA software. Jeff Gregorec, EVP Strategic Alliances, having extensive experience building and growing channels, will lead a channel-first strategy to accelerate adoption of their AgileFSM application through resellers and system integrators.

About AgileField Inc.

AgileField Inc. is a leading provider of field service management solutions for the mid-market and the first to introduce a comprehensive methodology, AgileField, for advancing field service capabilities, improving profitability and customer satisfaction. AgileField combines its mobile-friendly, flagship SaaS application, AgileFSM, together with an integrated set of technologies, processes, reports, controls, and learning materials that serve as a “step by step” guide for improving operational and financial performance. Learn more at www.agilefieldinc.com.

About Canal Partners

Canal Partners is a venture capital firm that provides professional investor services and capital to B2B software and internet technology companies that have market-proven products and services. Canal Partners creates and increases value for highly scalable, revenue-generating, growth-oriented companies in a variety of internet and software-as-a-service businesses. With offices in Phoenix, Atlanta, and San Diego, Canal Partners works with select portfolio companies, actively participating in board, advisory, strategic, and support roles to increase scalability, financial stability, and shareholder value. Learn more at www.canalpartners.com.


Jennifer Thronson | AgileField, VP Marketing
jthronson@agilefieldinc.com | 602.384.5366

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