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5 Ways Mobile Forms Help You Serve Customers Better: Field Service

Paper forms cause problems. We’ve all seen it, from lost documents to those stained by grease or written in some indecipherable language, causing all kinds of problems. It’s time for your field service business to adopt mobile forms and make the frustration of paper a thing of the past.

The good news is that adopting digital forms on today’s mobile devices is a quick, effortless process. And, it’s the way most business is being done. If you’ve been considering a field service management solution that provides smart mobile forms, but haven’t made the plunge, here are five reasons your team, leadership, and customers will love it when you finally do.

Reduce Errors with Single Entry

Our favorite benefit of mobile forms is that you are capturing data electronically and mitigate the risk of using incorrect information.

First, mobile forms are simpler and easier to manage. You can use templates to keep customers and field teams familiar with the process. Tying work orders to mobile forms allows your system to automatically fill some form fields, such as customer number and work order number — making it easier to keep everything on the same page.

Automated sharing and distribution of forms also mean your team only needs to input the data once. Reductions in manual entry are also reductions in the chances for something to be typed or written incorrectly. Plus, capturing data on a mobile form also means there’s no need to hire cryptography experts to try and decipher field team handwriting or phone numbers hiding underneath coffee stains.

Speed up the process and reduce your risks, while never needing to calculate the actual cost of losing information or misplacing documents.

See the Big Picture Instantly on Mobile Forms

Data recorded on mobile forms can be instantly viewable in your back office, and this real-time visibility makes it easier for your leadership to understand the business at any given moment. It’s a top tool for dispute resolution, especially if your field team calls and needs support.

The other benefit for your central office is the ability for other systems to use and analyze the data that mobile forms provide. You can start running analytics and looking at dashboards for broader trend spotting through any metrics or actions your field teams take.

Are you using more of one part than expected? Have customer needs shifted with the weather changes? Does an audit of one job site yield anything useful for others?

Capturing data and sharing it right away can help your teams better understand customer needs and be proactive to them moving forward.   

Maintain Compliance and Customer Needs

Some industries have special compliance requirements from authorizations to certification that some equipment or personnel are on-site during your work. Mobile forms make it easier to ensure that you’re in the clear by showing employees the required fields and data they need when checking-in to a customer location.

Your field team can also verify dispatch orders and information, using the same mobile forms to flag an issue quickly or to certify that things are proper. As with other forms, these initial items are sent back to your main office in real-time, so management and leaders can verify status and compliance as soon as they need.

Plus, when you use a mobile form that captures GPS, timestamps, and other data, you’re creating a solid paper trail in case you need to perform audits or prove how work was completed. This can be shared with customers too, helping them meet their own internal and regulatory compliance needs.

Mobile Forms Cut Some Costs Too

Every minute of idle time you’re able to cut down, from hunting for paperwork to faxing or re-entry, is time spent working for clients instead. Save money and cut costs simply by making your workflow more efficient.

Mobile forms also extend this savings to your customers. When you create and share digital documents, it allows them to find information more quickly and not rely on paper copies that can get lost in an office. It’s a win-win for reducing task time, and customers will thank you for it.

Reduce Mistakes to Get Paid Faster

One feature of mobile forms that’ll quickly become your favorite is the ability to initiate billing sooner, along with all the normal verification and site approvals you already needed. Field teams can turn to mobile forms to submit work and invoices, attaching everything to the relevant work order, and delivering it to customers right away.

Many businesses now want invoices emailed; we’re putting that capability in the palm of your hand. Pair that with mobile form’s capabilities to reduce errors and ensure you maintain compliance on the job, and you’ve got a faster strategy for verification and approval of invoices.

No matter back and forth, just a smart mobile form policy that improves workflow from dispatch and service delivery to invoicing and payment.

Want to see those mobile forms in action? Request a demo and we’ll show you what’s available for your industry.

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