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AgileField IntegrationHubTM

AgileField IntegrationHubTM is the most complete integration technology for mid-market field service organizations.

  • Seamlessly maintain workflows between systems.
  • Minimize or eliminate double entry.
  • Automatically sync with your CRM, ERP and Accounting systems.
  • Easily map fields between systems.
  • Integrate with cloud-based or on-premise applications.
  • Monitor usage for ongoing integration support.


AgileField RapidStartTM

AgileField’s RapidStart implementation process uses the Field Service Capability Assessment together with our integration technology to get you up and running faster.

Our hands-on approach combines the tools and techniques you need to quickly see value. Our three-phase process includes planning, system configuration, integration, training, and deployment.

  • Dedicated AgileField project manager and implementation team.
  • Implementation within 45-60 days on average
  • Legacy data migration.
  • Do-It-Yourself Tools include: data loader, custom fields, report designer, IntegrationHubTM, and interactive learning materials.

Reporting & Analytics

Field service organizations are faced with more competition, increasing customer demands and business complexity and yet still need to make decisions quickly.

AgileField provides both standard and customized reports and dashboards to make superior business decisions quickly. Unique reporting capabilities for each AgileField client allow users to modify reporting without impacting field performance.

  • Pre-loaded canned reports.
  • Custom reports and dashboards.
  • Automated scheduling.
  • Adapts with any reporting tools you already use.

Training & Customer Support

Training and support are keys to ensuring our software evolves with new technologies and grows with your business.

  • Role based training and “show us you know it”
  • High quality documented job aids with step-by-step instructions
  • Interactive e-Learning videos
  • In-house technical support team for ongoing success
  • Self-service online portal ticketing system
  • Help Desk: live chat, email, phone, video conference

Cloud Based

Cloud computing allows more flexibility in adapting solutions to your business; more efficiency in serving technicians and customers; lower costs and competitive advantages through innovative technologies.

  • Data-Driven. Connected. Secure.
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Windows, Android, iOS.
  • Offline mode.

Streamline Your Field Service Operations

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