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What Is AgileField

The complete software and services approach to excellence for mid-market field service organizations.

Every day, millions of American field service technicians climb in their vehicles and travel to customer locations to provide essential installation, maintenance, and repair services. At AgileField, we care about your technicians.

As customers’ demands change and grow, operating an efficient field services organization becomes increasingly complex; including automated route planning, inventory replenishment, logistics, demand forecasting, and capabilities scheduling. At AgileField, we understand this complexity.

So, with field technicians and customers in mind, we developed the “first of its kind” methodology, AgileField, to overcome barriers to growth and efficiency, while providing access to the same technology and benefits promised by big enterprise field service software platforms.

AgileField is more than a computer technology, but rather a coordinated set of technology, process, reports, and learning materials which together advance your company to higher levels of performance capability.

AgileField combines our flagship application, AgileFSM, with process, service commitments, and tools to ensure your success.

If you have ever wished your company could take advantage of powerful new capabilities like automated route planning or inventory replenishment.  If you still operate your business with paper forms, spreadsheets, & emails.  If you want to leverage modern field service management but are afraid you don’t have the expertise.

AgileField is your answer.

AF Performance Pillars

Within the AgileField methodology, there are five primary performance pillars closely aligned with the field services industry, each with a theme for enhancing organizational maturity while improving the bottom line. These pillars are:

  • Customers: focused on increasing customers and delivering value;
  • Employees: focused on improving skills, performance and availability;
  • Equipment: focused on improving the value of internal and customer tools;
  • Inventory: focused on reducing landed cost-of-materials; and
  • Financial Management & Operations: focused on increasing the speed of business & profitability.

AF Recommendations & Benefits

Once the capabilities assessment is complete, a customized AF Analysis and Planning document is created to assist field services organizations – in partnership with AgileField – reach higher levels of organizational performance. This includes a radar chart visualization demonstrating where the organization is performing against the industry average, which gives companies a clear visual direction on how to start their journey towards enhancing performance.

AF Capabilities Assessment

Each of the five performance pillars have associated capabilities and receive a numerical rating of one to five, with one being the lowest maturity level. With our AF Capabilities Assessment, we create a ‘baseline’ establishing where an organization currently is performing.  This allows an organization to know where their strengths and opportunities lie.  It then allows our experts at AgileField to plan and make recommendations to help field services companies begin their journey and map a clear path towards higher levels of performance. Think of it as a “step by step” guide to advancing your company’s performance capabilities – at no cost to you.

AF Learning Materials & Certification

Along with every AF Analysis and Planning document, there are dedicated learning materials and associated certifications – as our customers choose to pursue. Our learning materials help companies take a structured approach to developing best practices and increasing maturity in each performance pillar. Achieving certification within the AgileField methodology begins at level three and is intended to recognize organizations at different levels of maturity along their AgileField journey.

Streamline Your Field Service Operations