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Our Mission

Our mission is to help field service organizations advance their field service capabilities and improve profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Our company’s story began in 2011, with a singular focus on uniquely solving a business need for mid-market field service companies.

Today, large field service companies enjoy advanced technology and business benefits, but at a cost that is simply not affordable for the mid-market. And yet, mid-market companies still must compete favorably – in an increasingly competitive market, grow their business profitably and satisfy customers. And so, we proceeded to build a complete end-to-end field service management solution uniquely adapted for the mid-market. A solution that had advanced capabilities such as auto-scheduling but yet was affordable, easy to install and use. The market response was excellent, but we had more learning to do.

We learned that despite the promises of new technology, most mid-market companies simply did not have access to the resources necessary to install, learn and use the technologies they so desperately need. Our takeaway was that to be successful in supporting the mid-market, we needed more than just a computer system. We needed an integrated set of technologies, processes, reports, controls, and learning materials that could act as a “step by step” guide to improving performance levels within our client companies. AgileField Inc. was born. And with that, we launched the industry’s “first of its kind” methodology, AgileField, to overcome barriers to growth and efficiency. AgileField combines our AgileFSM flagship application with the right process, service commitments, and tools to ensure your success.

Today, we are stronger than ever, with growing market interest, strategic investors, satisfied customers and a unique industry focus.  A focus on advancing field service capabilities for our customers so they can enjoy improved profitability and customer satisfaction.


More than software. Purpose-built for the mid-market. Designed for field technicians. Delivering customer satisfaction and profitability.

Streamline Your Field Service Operations